New Academic Partnerships & Internship Programs

Healing Justice has two terrific new academic partnerships: with the University of New England School of Social Work and Georgetown University Law Center. Our first Georgetown Law Intern began working with us this past spring, and a new graduate level Social Work Field Intern from New England is joining us for the summer and fall.

our new partnership with Georgetown University Law Center and Law Intern, DaNia Henry:

Dania headshot.png

Law Intern

Georgetown University

DaNia Henry is a first-year law student in the class of 2021 at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. DaNia’s decision to attend law school was highly motivated by her passion to serve African American/low-income communities and create a more equitable justice system for all citizens. During her time in college at Oakwood University, DaNia gained interest in the criminal justice system and restorative justice processes after noticing that the way a country treats the marginalized (particularly prisoners, crime victims, and communities of color) is highly indicative of the country’s values and the effectiveness of its justice system. DaNia chose Healing Justice because we care about how the justice system treats crime victims, and our work reflects a strong commitment to providing victim-centered solutions post-crime and post-exoneration. As an intern at Healing Justice, DaNia is contributing to this work by researching the unique needs of victims of color around an exoneration. DaNia hopes to continue practicing the skills she learned during her Restorative Justice course and to pursue her passion for human rights and criminal justice reform. Our Executive Director, Katie Monroe, who is an attorney and an adjunct law professor at George Mason University, enjoys working with law students here at Healing Justice. These internships provide us with the opportunity to impact future lawyers and shape the way they engage and communicate with crime victims and exonerees. Law school interns also bring valuable contributions to our work and all the communities we serve, including prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges.

our new partnership with the University of New England SCHOOL Of social work AND Social Work INTERN, Alison Fuedo:

Alison (Ali) Feudo received her B.A. in Human and Community Services/Human Service Studies with a minor in Philosophy at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina. Ali’s primary passions include trauma-informed care, advocating for universal human rights and social justice, and cultivating a world in which empathy and compassion drive society. At Healing Justice, Ali is excited to learn from individuals with firsthand lived experience about how best to promote repair, reconciliation, and rebuilding instead of retribution. Ali also loves the idea of redefining, or perhaps, truly defining for the first time, what justice is, recognizing that it may look different for everyone. Ali will be contributing her talents to a variety of projects relating to her education in social work, while working under our Program Coordinator, Brittany Shefter, who holds a Master’s degree in Social Work. Healing Justice provides internships for graduate level social work students because we recognize the important intersection between social work and criminal justice. Not only will Ali’s contributions help the crime victims, exonerees, and families with whom we work, but she will also play a role in the expansion of our restorative justice work.

Katie Monroe